about meeee :3

I AM A GUY!! i'm a college student so i dont have much time to make art, but i'm usually on here yappin!! feel free to ask to be moofs or just talk to me! tl > dms! moofies feel free to ask for my priv or tag me in stuff!!

before u follow

i'm very blunt when i text & i have issues in my head, sry if im weird. i follow my own hcs when talking ab characters, pls don't correct me if i use non canon prns for a character!, i spam post/rt sometimes, i block people i don't vibe with, i don't fb -15, i won’t fb if you have no age visible.

do not interact

general dni, proshippers, dsmp fans, hardcore meloghia fans (fine if i follow first*), risoghia haters (why are u here,,,). if youre going to pester me for not liking meloghia fuck off

* if that's all u post i might sb u. nothing personal it just makes me uncomfy!

links ^_−☆

twitter, tumblr, toyhouse, pinterest, ao3my interest list, pls read it so u know if we have any in common :3the best youtube video ever made please watch it

lovemail time

firstly huge ily to my shark purse residents ,, i love u all ♡fav characters: ghiaccio, risotto nero, narciso anasui, gwess, sayo hikawa, rimi ushigome, & mygo!!!!! i love them all sm they mean the world 2 me,,,

risoghia lovemail section Yes they get their own section yes this is cringe no i do not care Let me do what i need to do

firstly i just wanna say that i love them both separately,, like ghiaccio is my favourite character from anything ever & has been for the past 5 yrs (its physically not possible to like him more than i do btw) and even if im less insane about it i like risotto just as much,,, but risoghia especially urrggrh they mean to much to me and i care them sososo much,,, i think about them constantly and contrary to what i may try to lead u to believe risoghia is unironically my #1 spinterest LOLsies,,, i just ponder them so much and this doesnt even do them justice to how much i love them But i do not have the words to express otherwise like genuinely,,, i like them so much i don't think i'd be who i am without them,,,,, if nobody else got me i know risoghia got me,,,,,,,,, i have been committed to risoghia nation for five years my risoghia love will persit thru the ages and if i ever say i dont like risoghia that aint me thats a clone and kill it on sight. anyway here's how many days its been since i became a risoghia fan (scoured for my earliest mention of it which was dec 23 2019) and also my risoghia image collection. art creds are linked :3 if u know me irl pretend im a normal human being i beg of you